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UGG Australia uses only the finest, most luxurious Twinface sheepskin in the world. Only Grade-A, Twinface sheepskin which is luxuriously soft, dense and malleable need apply. We put each sheepskin through an extensive process to ensure it will provide the signature UGG experience. Both sides of the Twinface are thoroughly examined as each pair of boots requires a large swath of material and even the slightest blemish will be cause for exclusion. We look for uniformity and a flawless, fine-grained texture with no visible defects. On the wool side there has to be an even "stand up" thickness across the entire piece. At six different points in our process we select, re-select and select again against these criteria ensuring only the highest quality sheepskin make it through. The final product is a finished piece of sheepskin worthy of the UGG Australia name.

Bringing out the best in shearling isn't something that just anyone can do. For over 30 years, UGG has worked with, tested, improved and pushed the limits of this amazing material, and through this, has done more with it than any other designer. Our design team believes in the durability, comfort and style inherent in every piece of sheepskin. Designing and crafting footwear in sheepskin takes a patience and creativity unknown to working with other materials but the results are a distinct style that suits both a casual weekend as well as the runways.